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Groupon is a website’s name that actually pertains to “group coupon”, so that gives you a good idea what this website is all about. It specifically features discounted gift certificates, including Groupon oil change coupon that may be used at several local or national companies.

Launched in November 2008 in Chicago, Groupon conquered its first market and then moved on to Boston, New York City, Canada and so on. By 2010, Groupon is in 150 locations within the United States and 100 more around Europe, Asia and South America. Today, the website claims to have 35 million registered users.

How does Groupon work? The website offers one Groupon oil change coupon every day in the locations or markets where they are present. One coupon serves as an assurance contract. Registered users are then expected to sign up for the offer and only when a certain number of users sign up would the deal become available to everyone.

Free riders (those who just wait for things to happen) benefit from those who step up by signing up. If the required number of users signing up is not reached, then the offer is not made available and no one benefits. This system protects retailers. The coupons then serve as quantity discounts and sales promotion tools for the benefit of the participating retailers.

How does Groupon make money? Well, for every user payment to sign up for a coupon, Groupon gets about half the money. For example, after a registered Groupon user pays $10 for a $20 oil change coupon, Groupon and the retailer would split the other $10 – Groupon pays $5 (using half of the money that the user paid) and the retailer also $5.

The retailer then honors the $20 coupon, the consumer enjoys the discount, and Groupon gets half ($5) of how much the user paid. The retailer does not pay any upfront cost, but gets promoted quite well.

In addition to oil change companies, Groupon offers its services to many other industries and companies, but not to shooting ranges, abortion clinics or strip clubs. For now, most of its markets are focused on health, fitness and beauty markets, since a majority of its users are female. Recently, however, the oil change industry and its consumers are also benefitting from Groupon.

How does Groupon expand? Groupon stays in touch with all the people that have registered or expressed interest in doing business with them. The website collects personal information that has been voluntarily shared by consumers. Groupon then regularly contacts these consumers by email to offer a particular product or service.

This, of course, is very helpful since consumers would not need to page through brochures or go from website to website looking for coupons. Oil changing coupons may be found in kits, packets, newspapers and several websites, such as those of Goodyear, Firestone, Lubex, and other leading lube service providers.

Today, Groupon is more aggressive than before in seeking new markets and industries. It is now, in fact, using social networks such as Facebook. The more the website becomes widely and popularly acknowledged, the more a Groupon oil change coupon becomes easily available to many people.

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3 Responses to Groupon Oil Change Coupon

  1. Jacqueline Shada says:

    I purchased a Three Oil Changes with Groupon, however NOW find in locating a service center they do NOT change Hundai automobiles. Am very dissapointed to say the least since I wasted $30.00……………definitely will make a difference in my purchasing any more Groupons!

  2. Jo Ann Black says:

    I need a Groupon for a BMW Oil Change. Please send to me ASAP. Thanks.

  3. Freddie Hicks says:

    need oil change goupon in Virginia 23661 zip code

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